5 Life Hacks Any RV Owner Can’t Live Without

In this age, there are a lot of people that cringe and groan every time someone mentions camping to them. Camping is usually associated with the woods and no internet nor gadgets for the entire camping trip. Even with the RV, people who are “technology slaves” would find it unappealing and would brush off the idea of camping away from home.

Luckily, there are a lot of life hacks for when you go on a road trip with your RV. These tips would make sure you’ll be having a memorable vacation in an RV. Here are some life hacks for you to try out the next time you go on the road with your RV.

1. Think of Garbage Disposal Beforehand

For every stop on the road, there’s always the chance of snacking down your packed meals. May it be biscuits or a full-fledged packed meal, it will still end up as trash as soon as you finish eating them. When travelling on the RV, make sure to always bring a plastic bag to store all your trash. It makes it easier for you to dispose of them properly in a trash can.

There are shops that sell some plastic cereal containers, which you can use to place your trash. Just add a plastic bag inside of the container so that it won’t get soiled by the juices leaking from the trash.

2. Bring Board Games

For those who have children glued to their smartphones, it’s hard to convince them to go on a camping trip. In order to persuade them to join you in camping, bring along board games or novelty toys which you think they can enjoy while on the road. Camping is an option for you to get away from technology for once. Make sure to persuade your kids or your companions to try playing board games and other novelty toys instead of chatting and browsing Facebook. This may help establish a relationship with their family members.

3. Camp Clean

It’s important to always be clean whenever you’re out camping. This will avoid littering, which is harmful to the environment. One way to be clean when camping out is to use paper towels when cleaning your dishes. This will help save up water from washing them and time and effort in gathering firewood for a camp fire.

4. Wash Your Clothes with a Plunger

Camping out may prove to be a great time to do some laundry. But most people don’t like going to the laundry mat to wash their dirty clothes. Instead, try washing your clothes with a

CLEAN plunger and a bucket. The plunger and the bucket can serve as an improvised washing machine for you to wash all your dirty clothes.

And since you’re out under the sun, it’s best to hang them outside your RV for them to dry faster.

5. Coolers Are Your Best Friend

Most RVs have refrigerator installed in them to help keep foods and drink. While this is a good thing, it’s still best to bring along a cooler. Throw in ice inside the cooler to keep your beers and other drinks cool. Make sure to use large blocks of ice since they melt slower than store-bought ice cubes.

While they are just tips to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable, it is still important to check your RV for potential problems. It’s best to check all the parts of your RV so that you won’t have any problems to think off while on vacation.

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