Different Kinds of Tow Trucks and How They are Used

What are referred to as “tow trucks” are vehicles which are normally used to pull other vehicles. They are utilised to haul a vehicle that may have broken down due to mechanical failure, or been in an accident. Mostly they are privately owned by people whose job is to remove vehicles from roads, motorways, ditches, and other situations. There are different types of tow trucks out there such as the hook and chain, wheel-lift, flat bed/tilt tray types. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Hook and chain trucks, the commonly seen tow truck, known as sling tow trucks, are not so much in use as times gone by. This is due to them wrapping a chain around the axle or frame of the vehicle which then lead to scratches or other damage to the car. Nowadays, this sort of truck is usually reserved for vehicles damaged in an accident or ones that do not have their front or back wheels.
  • Wheel lift tow trucks are similar to the above hook and chain trucks, but use a metal yoke rather than a chain. This yoke is hooked under the front or rear wheels of the vehicle which requires towing. Using a hydraulic or pneumatic hoist, the front or the rear part of the vehicle is raised from the ground and then towed.
  • Flatbed/tilt tray tow trucks have become increasingly popular nowadays, and you will find a tilt deck trailer for sale, in many places. They have a large empty bed on the back of the truck and with the use of hydraulics, it can be inclined to make a ramp. The vehicle can then be easily driven up a ramp, or a winch can be employed to pull it into place. After putting into place, hydraulics are used again to level out the flatbed in order to carry the vehicle. Flatbed styles are currently the preferred method for carrying vehicles, due to lack of pressure on the vehicle and all of the stress being placed on the tow truck.
  • Flatbed/tilt tray tow trucks have become so popular nowadays because
    • It’s more economically sound than driving the vehicle to the location
    • Large loads can be simply transported in just one go
    • Vehicles that couldn’t be conventionally towed can now be transported easily and without any concerns.

This type of towing can therefore be much easier and cheaper than any other type of towing, and it is perfectly ideal for specialist industries like construction and agriculture. If you are thinking of purchasing a tilt deck trailer, do some research and make sure that you contact and deal with a renowned and reputable company that you can trust, and reliable people who have the experience in that line of business.

So, hoping that if anything needs hauling, that it will be hauled with expert ease, and providing you with peace of mind when it is being transported!