Honda Amaze 2018: All Variants Explained With Price

The brand new Honda Amaze has been launched in the country beginning at a price range from Rupees 5.59 lakh to Rupees 8.99 lakh. This fresh variant of the car was introduced in the global market at the Auto Expo 2018. The brand new model of the Amaze 2018 has a completely fresh and unique design which is quite similar to that of the Honda City. The inner structure and design of the car have been completely altered.

It has been completely altered from the older models in terms of some alterations to the car. The fresh changes in the fresh model of the Amaze 2018 are similar to that of Honda Brio Hatchback.

What Are The Fresh Features Included In The Fresh Honda Amaze?

  • The exterior of the car

The brand new Honda Amaze E and S 2018 is completely altered and the features of the much bigger models Honda Accord and Honda city are included in the fresh versions of the Amaze. The headlights included in the fresh variant of the car are kept rectangular instead of the original round headlights. Honda has also altered the front of the car with a completely fresh look. Honda has introduced 15-inch alloy wheels to the fresh variant. If the side of the car is considered, the intentionally reduced design to below 4 meters of the Amaze versions gives the car a fresh and unique appearance. The back portion of the fresh Honda Amaze launched recently is also altered to give a fresh and fresh look to the car.

  • The interior of the car

Honda has entirely changed the dashboard of the brand new of the fresh Amaze versions. Also, the feature for climate control has also got fresh modifications in the fresh model of the Amaze such as V, and VX of 2018. The fresh features have been introduced to both the petrol and diesel versions of the car. The fresh versions of the Amaze also get the paddle shifters which helps the drivers to change the gears even if the car is in automatic mode. It also ensures that the driver has complete control while driving even in the automatic mode. This feature is introduced to make sure that the car will give a smooth and safe drive because there will be no need to change or shift the gears. The older models of the car are more likely to give a jerk when the cars automatically try to change the gears.

What Are The Price Range Of Different Versions Of The Car?

Various versions of the Honda Amaze have been introduced such as MT versions and CVT versions. The versions have been introduced at different price range beginning from Rupees 5.59 to Rupees 7.99 lakh for the petrol version. The price range for the diesel MT and CVT versions of the car ranges between Rupees 6.69 lakh to 8.99 lakh. There are various other features included in other models of the Honda Amaze which have been priced at the different price range.