How Car For Scrap Cars Is Obtained?

Scrap car by definition refers to the cars that can no longer be used and have become scrap. Cash for cars is a process in which the cars are pulled to pieces to extract scrap materials or spare parts. Damage car removal is a popular and universal business in the automobile industry. Selling old cars can bring a lot more cash than you imagine.

Scrap car removal or recycling process

There are three basic steps involved in the process to get rid of your car or recycling old car.

Depollution: this involves safe removal of all the hazardous materials or components that can unfavourably affect the environment. The hazardous substances include oil, gas, antifreeze, lubricants and transmission and brake fluids. These substances are thoroughly and securely filtered before reuse.

Dismantling: in this step, the car engine and transmission are detached from chassis in order to remove catalytic converters, tires and batteries for recycling. The visible constituents of the car are dismantled once it has been de-polluted. The car will then be passed on to a licensed specialist or car wreckers who will then further break it down for re-use.

  • For instance, tires are recycled and reused in flooring of a football pitch. Car batteries can be sold as spare for the automobile that are in good condition or can be disassembled for their particular component like acid, distilled water, silver, plastic and lead. After the purification of water and neutralization of acid is completed by the ATF, the metals are then melted down for reuse.
  • Airbags are not suggested for the reuse for safety reasons so they are removed. Car engine models which are in demand for spares are manufactured. Unwanted elements like gearbox, useless engines and other steel items are removed and prepped for separate shredding. The recovered ferrous metal from the process is then sent to steel mills which turns it into high-quality steel.
  • Precious metals like rhodium, palladium and platinum are used in catalytic converters. These can either be used in creating new catalytic converter or are manufactured to electronic companies or used in pharmaceutical products. They are also used in jewellery like wedding rings.
  • It is advised to approach trained professionals for recycling catalytic converters because the ceramic interior of these converters can turn into hazardous waste when exposed to air. Things from soda cans to bicycles can be made using the waste metal that comes from a recycled car.

Destruction: after depollution and dismantling, the next step is destruction. In this step, the metal of the car is crushed before sending it to mills. This process consists of mainly three steps.

  • Magnetic separation
  • Detinning
  • Melting

Old car removal not only helps you get rid of junk but also brings cash for unwanted cars. Damage car removal encourages pollution free environment. Online damage car buyers provide free car removal services.