Questions to Help You Find the Right Car Wash for You

Car washes offer a wide variety of services at different prices. Some people just want a basic wash while others need a full detailing service. You know that you have a lot of choices when you’re looking for a car wash in Gilbert, AZ, but do you know how to tell which one best meets your needs? Car wash in Gilbert asks the following questions to help you make your decision.

What Does a Wash Entail?

One car wash may simply offer self-serve stations where you wash the car yourself, while other car washes hire people to wash your car by hand. Many use a combination of machines and workers to get your car clean, and some car washes include an extra rinse or layer of wax to keep your car clean. It’s helpful to understand what you get when you take your car in for a “wash.”

What Are Your Prices?

Look over the price list and take note of the extra services that come with a more expensive wash. Many car washes have a very affordable “basic wash” and a several other categories that cost a bit more. If you really look at the offerings, you might find that paying just a few dollars more significantly increases the value of the wash. Remember that if workers are personally handling part of the wash, they may expect a tip.

Are There Any Discounts Available?

No one wants to pay full price if they don’t have to. Look for coupons in local papers or see if you can print one out from the company’s website. Alternatively, many companies offer good deals when you purchase a monthly plan or buy several washes at once. If you know that you want to wash your car frequently, this could be a good way to pay less.

Is There a Guarantee?

It always seems to rain right after you pay for a wash, leaving mud splatters on your once-sparkling car. Ask the car wash if they have a guarantee. For instance, some allow a free re-wash if it rains the day after you had your car washed. With a guarantee like this, you can feel more confident about paying to wash your car.

We know that you care about your car and want it to look its best. That’s why we strive to offer the best car wash in Gilbert, AZ. Stop in and give us a try.