Top Signs Your Car May Need Servicing

Any car you own needs to be serviced regularly to ensure everything is running as it should. If you choose to put off such a service, you may risk the integrity of your car’s components and eventually cause a system failure that leads to the need for a complete replacement. Rather than risk having to buy an entirely new car, you may want to look at the many signs that tell you when something is wrong. By looking for the tell-tale signs ahead of time, you can significantly cut down on costs while helping your car remain functional longer. The time and money you save by doing this will quickly add up and allow you to focus on other financial worries, such as where to go on your next holiday with all the money you saved.

Engine Warning Light

The engine warning light may seem like the obvious sign that something is wrong, but many car owners choose to ignore this for weeks, even months, before taking their car in for service. Most modern cars will tell you when something in them needs to be addressed, and a yellow “check engine” light is your first clue as to what it is. This is an indication that your car is having trouble with one of its systems, such as your seatbelt sensor, and needs the help of a professional right away. If you ignore this problem for months, something that is a quick fix may eventually turn into something that can cost thousands to repair.

Unusual Noises

You know what your car should sound like, and it should be fairly obvious when your car suddenly starts making a new sound when in use. Any new noises coming from your car are likely the result of something failing inside its system, and you should bring it to a garage as soon as possible. If you do not already have a regular garage that you use, Thomson Local lists a range of garage services on their local Manchester page that should allow you to choose the right option for your needs.

Whining from under the bonnet is most commonly caused by a loose timing belt, which can in turn cause problems that range in severity. For example, you may be on your way home from a busy day of work when your battery suddenly gives out and leaves you stranded on a crowded street. Perhaps your car suddenly begins pouring out white smoke from under the bonnet when you try to drive to school. These may all be problems that come from a malfunctioning timing belt.

Loud exhaust noise could be due to a hole or crack in your exhaust. These tend to be simple fixes but should be looked at by a reputable garage service. This is in your better interests because there is a risk that your exhaust pipe could fall off. By treating the problem as early as possible, you can keep costs low, reduce stress, and stop problems from escalating in the long run. The first step after spotting an early sign is to find a great new garage capable of giving you the best service.