Warranty 101: Everything You Need to Know About Prolonging Your Auto Warranty

In this day and age, cars are built to last and manufacturers do their best to guarantee that a car will be free from damages even after it goes through long, winding roads. However, regardless of the promises made by auto manufacturers, damages will always be a part of owning and driving a car – and this is where auto warranty comes into play.

An auto warranty is designed to protect the car owners from paying for the cost of repairs. It is a good deal that many car owners overlook once their original auto warranty expires. Exlusionary coverage is another thing that is often overlooked. What new and used car buyers tend to forget though is that it is possible and legal to add more years to an auto warranty, thus preventing more fees from incurring.

The Benefits and What It Covers

By adding more years to an auto warranty, owners are able to add more years to safeguard their vehicles just in case unexpected repairs are needed. What’s good about it is that the extra years added to an auto warranty can be passed down to a new owner in case the car gets sold. For car sellers, this is a good deal as selling cars with warranty gives it more resale value.

The extra years added to an auto warranty covers all of what the original contract offers. This means that car owners can alleviate the cost of all unexpected expenses even if the vehicle breaks down far from his or her home. In some cases, the prolonged warranty period also gives the car owner a few perks including car wash discounts and many more.

Should You Get It?

The short answer is – definitely yes. Adding more extra years to an auto warranty is pretty much essential.

Perhaps the biggest drawing point for getting more years to an auto warranty is that it will guarantee fewer expenses for future repairs. This is good for the car owner if he plans on keeping his car for a very long time.

Perhaps another reason why it is so important is that it gives the car owners some peace of mind. They can rest easy knowing that their vehicles have their future planned out for them. It’s a very beneficial service that car owners should look into since what they get in return is a lot more compared to the money they would spend on it.