What Are the Things You Must Not Forget When Storing Your Vehicle

When winter time comes and you will decide to leave your car in one of the cheap storage units in San Francisco, you must make sure that it is really ready for storing. There are a number of things you need to do first or you will surely risk the maintenance aspect of your vehicle. Note that generally, vehicles are expensive and in fact, it might even took you 5 years to completely own that vehicle and this is why, you should take good care of it. Ensure that it will be safe for storing before leaving it in a certain storage facility.

A lot of car owners just carelessly leave their vehicles in a storage unit. You should not do the same and in fact, you should not do these things when planning to leave your car for storing:

  • Leaving the battery behind – During storage, batteries will usually lose their charge. This is why, if this is for long-term storage, you should remove it so that problems be avoided.
  • Leaving the car dirty – A number of factors can easily pile up on your car while it is being used every day and these factors can surely damage its paint. Some of these are bird droppings, road salt and dirt. If you don’t want your car to easily look dull and boring, you should clean it thoroughly before leaving it behind and even include an extra layer of wax.
  • Oil is not changed – If you are planning to leave your car behind for more than a month, then it is essential that you should change its oil. The contaminants in the oil can cause damages to the engine and that will cost you a good amount of money for sure.

  • When wipers are just left behind – For long-term storage, it is best to keep the wipers or you will end up having a hard time detaching them from the glass. That is right, wipers will tend to get fastened to the glass when not in used for a long time.

Yes, if you are planning to leave your vehicle in one of the storage facilities in San Francisco, you should make sure that you have done the right protocol. It is indeed a good idea to leave it in a storage unit as long as your vehicle is ready for storing.