What Makes the 2017 New Hyundai So Much Safer

When it comes to producing new cars, the average consumer gets a little tired of it all. Every year, car manufacturers come out with more sleek, more fancy, and more modern body styles. However, once you look a little closer, you’ll find that most of the time, the latest cars have been created with little safety perks that make purchasing the newest model actually worth it. And the 2017 new Hyundai is no exception.

Take the Elantra, For Example

Most of the time, manufacturers try to infuse their latest models with the highest-tech safety features available on the market. The 2017 Elantra fits nicely into this description. Their latest safety feature includes an automatic emergency braking system that can detect pedestrians. While that sounds a little like the car takes over the operation of the vehicle, it doesn’t fully. Hyundai claims that it merely helps “drivers stop better than what they’re capable of by themselves.” With that kind of technology, the Elantra becomes a snazzy new life-saving machine.

The 2017 Sonata

And what about their other model, the 2017 Sonata? The safety features here make navigating rush hour traffic much less stressful—a feature we’re probably all looking for. You can purchase a Sonata package that includes blind spot detection and warns the driver of cars that are approaching from the back or side. Want to be sure your teenager won’t get side-swiped on the freeway? The 2017 Sonata may be for you.

Fancy an Azera?

The 2017 Hyundai Azera is a little higher in price, but it comes packed with safety features you probably haven’t even thought possible. For one, it’s equipped with lane departure warnings for those of us who tend to swerve (perhaps from a lack of commitment to the no-texting-while-driving campaign?). The 2017 Azera also alerts you when you’re parked too close to another vehicle in the rear, as well as warns when you’re in danger of a forward collision. It even comes with a rear camera that pop up on the console when you throw the car into reverse. Talk about a new car that’s worth its weight in safety bells and whistles!

What 2017 new Hyundai will you be buying?

No matter if you’re on the market for a new Elantra, Sonata, or Azera, the safety features in each of the latest models make them an investment worth considering. Although not all of us jump at the chance of purchasing a brand-new car off the lot, when it comes to safety features and warning systems, perhaps we should. Think about what 2017 new Hyundai you might be needing in the coming years—whether you have a teenager driving soon or just need a little extra help in the driver’s seat.